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Chevrolet Two-Wheel Alignment Service in Bethlehem, PA

So, you’re experiencing alignment troubles. Your car just doesn’t want to drive straight, your steering is all out of whack, and you’re experiencing strange sensations in your driver’s seat. There’s a simple solution for Chevrolet owners in Bethlehem, PA: get your Chevy car, truck, or SUV down to Raceway Chevrolet of Bethlehem. Certified technicians equipped with the latest and greatest technology will take a look at your suspension system, measure your vehicle’s current alignment, and restore it to its original settings in no time at all. Don’t let your alignment issues become much more serious suspension issues that will cost you more money later – resolve them now with certified service for your two-wheel alignment at Raceway Chevrolet of Bethlehem.

Chevrolet Two-Wheel Alignment Service

The Most Common Signs of Alignment Trouble in Your Chevrolet Vehicle

Most Chevrolet owners will likely only ever need two-wheel alignment services in order to rectify any alignment problems. Whether you end up needing two-wheel or four-wheel alignments, though, the symptoms of alignment trouble are universal:

  • Your Chevrolet is pulling to one side of the road on a flat, straight highway
  • Your steering wheel must be held at an angle in order to drive in a straight line
  • Vibrations in your steering wheel or driver’s seat
  • Rapid, uneven tire wear

Whichever symptom your Chevrolet begins to experience first, know that the problem is always easily resolved with certified service at Raceway Chevrolet of Bethlehem. Schedule your two-wheel alignment service immediately to fix the problem before it gets worse.

How We Fix Alignment Issues at Raceway Chevrolet of Bethlehem

The process is well refined, and our certified Chevrolet technicians know exactly how to fix your alignment issues in little to no time at all. We’ll raise your vehicle on a lift, and inspect your suspension system for any damaged or worn-out parts that may be contributing to your alignment troubles. After we replace any parts with genuine OEM parts for your vehicle (if necessary), our certified technicians will use computerized technology to restore the camber, caster, and toe measurements of your front two wheels to their factory default settings. That’s really all there is to it – next thing you know, you’re back in your Chevy car, truck, or SUV with restored alignment that guarantees great performance and even tread wear for your tires.

Courtesy Loaners During Your Two-Wheel Alignment Service

Sometimes you’ve got somewhere else to be during your Chevrolet service appointment – if that’s the case, take advantage of our courtesy loaner system to get wherever you need to go. We’ll take care of your vehicle at Raceway Chevrolet of Bethlehem, until you’re ready to come to pick it up, with restored wheel alignment that will have your vehicle running like new.

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    Raceway Chevrolet of Bethlehem is located at: 1124 Hellertown Road • Bethlehem, PA 18015

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    1124 Hellertown Road
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    Main 610-674-1219 Sales 610-674-1219
    1124 Hellertown Road
    Bethlehem, PA 18015
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