Chevrolet Alignment Service

Have you noticed your car pulling to one side when the steering wheel is in a neutral position?

Certified Chevrolet Wheel Alignment Services in Bethlehem, PA

Maybe you’ve felt an odd rumbling or vibration while driving? If you have, it’s probably time for a wheel alignment. Wheel alignments save you money in the long term , keeping your tires working at maximum efficiency with minimum wear. We here at Raceway Chevrolet of Bethlehem provide the full range of wheel alignment services, and we’d like to help you get your wheels in the positions that work best.

Our Wheel Alignment Services

Wheel alignment is necessary to prevent unnatural wear on your tires. Anything from potholes to bumps and jostles can pull your wheels out of alignment, so it’s good to keep in mind the importance of wheel alignment. Here are some of the alignment services we provide for your Chevrolet:

  • Two-Wheel Alignment – Also known as a front-end alignment, two-wheel alignment is generally performed on vehicles with a solid rear axle; it involves inspecting and adjusting the camber, toe, and caster angles on the front wheels.
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  • Four-Wheel Alignment – Vehicles with independent or semi-independent rear suspensions will need to have the camber, toe, and caster angles inspected and adjusted on all four wheels; this is also called an all-wheel alignment.
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Certified Service Means Expert Technicians and Genuine Parts

We promise that we’ll always give your car the best. This starts with our certified technicians, who have passed the national certification exam that shows they know exactly what they’re doing. Add their expertise onto the genuine Chevrolet parts we provide for any replacements necessary, and you get a service that is done the right way the first time and that lasts a long time. We’re proud to have the best service around, and we’re ready to show your car the very highest level of quality in Eastern Pennsylvania.

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Chevrolet Alignment Service

Let Raceway Chevrolet of Bethlehem Align Your Wheels

You may know of tire joints that perform wheel alignments, but they don’t have the qualified staff we do, nor the high-tech equipment that lets us exactly align your wheels. Plus, we’re open through Saturdays, which means you can choose whichever of the extended hours we provide for your service. And we’ll conduct a complimentary multi-point inspection with service. Try our online service scheduler, which puts you in control of your schedule, and set up an appointment with us today; we’ll be waiting and ready for you!


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