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Get Pre-Approved for Auto Financing in Bethlehem, PA

There are a few different steps you need to take before driving off the lot in your new or pre-owned car. You need to research different models, go for test drives and pick out the car that best fits your current and foreseeable needs. At some point in the process, you’ll need to determine how you are going to pay for the vehicle. By filling out our online auto loan application, you’ll be able to get pre-approved for financing at the start of the car buying process, allowing you to know your exact budget and saving time you might spend on vehicles out of your price range. 

What is Your Auto Budget?

At Raceway Chevy, we understand that most customers will not have the full cash amount of a vehicle available on the day of purchase. In order to figure out the amount you will need to borrow to complete the agreement, our dealership offers a monthly payment calculator directly on our website so you can determine what works for your budget before you even step foot onto our lot. All you need to do is enter the price of a vehicle you are interested in, your anticipated cash down payment on purchase day, any trade-in value from a current vehicle you have plans to use as collateral, and the interest rate and term length of an auto loan. These numbers can be adjusted based on your current credit report and the interest rate you may be currently approved for. Once you have an estimated monthly payment combining both principal and interest that fits within your overall budget, you can apply for financing by taking the difference between the trade and down payment from the total price of the car. 

Will My Credit Score Affect My Ability to Secure a Car Loan?

We understand that sometimes life happens and your credit score may be negatively impacted by lapses in employment or medical emergencies. The team at Raceway Chevy works with customers of all different credit histories and situations to get them the financing they need to get behind the wheel of their ideal vehicle. Our finance department works with local lenders across eastern Pennsylvania to get customers the best rates possible for their current situation through auto loans and payment plans. 

Auto Financing in Bethlehem, PA

When it’s time to get a new vehicle, start your process by applying for financing from Raceway Chevy today! Our dealership is open six days a week so you can consult with our team of finance experts, and many of our tools are available online for you to use at your convenience. To get started, visit our location next to the Hellertown Park & Ride today!