Untap the Value in Buying a New or Used Car

August 13th, 2021 by
A couple is shown sitting in the front seats of a car at an Allentown used car dealer.

Buying a new vs used car is a major decision. Having help going through your options from the right dealer absolutely makes all the difference. Shopping at an Allentown used car dealer like Raceway Chevrolet ensures you can explore all options, so if you can make the best decision between buying a new car or…

The Reasons Why You Need a Chevy EV

July 9th, 2021 by
A baby blue 2022 Chevy Bolt EV is parked on a city street after leaving a Pennsylvania electric car dealer.

If you haven’t already noticed, there are more and more electric vehicles on the road. There was a time when spotting an electric car on the road was a rare event, but that is no longer the case. As technology continues to support electric cars and battery life increases, the cost of them drops, and…

What to Expect from the Upcoming Chevy Silverado EV

June 11th, 2021 by
The grille of a white Chevy Silverado is shown after leaving the Allentown Chevrolet dealer.

The Chevy Silverado is one of America’s most beloved trucks. It belongs to a lineage of tough, weight-bearing pickups with responsive powertrains that make every Silverado a fun drive. Practical but enjoyable, tough but comfortable, the Silverado just gets better every year. Visit your Allentown Chevrolet dealer to check out the latest from this popular…

2022 Bolt EV: Lightbulb Moment

May 14th, 2021 by
A light blue 2022 Chevy Bolt EV is parked on the beach after leaving the Pennsylvania electric car dealer.

The 2022 Bolt EV has undergone a full redesign and has seen some major updates in several key areas. While the styling changes are quite drastic, we believe drivers will find the small changes made the most pleasing. It might be hard at first blush to look past all but the most obvious changes to…

Find a 2022 Chevy Bolt EV and EUV at Your Local Pennsylvania Chevy Dealer

April 9th, 2021 by
A silver 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV is driving on a highway at dusk after leaving a Pennsylvania Chevy dealer.

Have you been thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle in the near future? If you answered yes, then you may want to consider the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV or EUV. These two groundbreaking models are going to look great rolling onto the lots of Pennsylvania Chevy dealers, with a longer driving range and plenty of…

Posted in Chevy Dealer

Lease or Loan?

March 12th, 2021 by
A burgundy 2022 Chevy Traverse is driving away on a dirt trail after getting a Chevy lease deal.

Is it better to lease a car or buy it with a loan? Here at Raceway Chevrolet, we offer a lot of Chevy lease deals, and we often have customers questioning if leasing is right for them. The answer is that it depends on your circumstances. If you are the type of person who wants…

Posted in Chevy Lease Deals

Why Your Next Truck Should be a Chevy

February 12th, 2021 by
A black 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country is parked next to a tree in a field.

We’ve all been there. You just made the last payment on your truck, and as you start to bask in the one glorious moment where you don’t have a note to pay, it starts to make a noise. Before you know it, you’re in the shop having the transmission replaced and writing yet another big…

Posted in Used Trucks

A Quick Guide for Buying a Used Chevy SUV

January 8th, 2021 by
A family is walking away from a black 2019 Chevy Suburban in a driveway.

Buying a Chevy SUV in the modern day can be an arduous task. By now, Chevy has largely made a name for itself in this regard and has a very large selection of SUVs to choose from. This means that you have to spend long hours going through a list of exceptional vehicles to narrow…

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2021 Chevy Models Top 5 Features

December 11th, 2020 by
A blue 2021 Chevy Corvette Stingray is driving through a tunnel.

Many 2021 model year vehicles have surprised some potential automotive car shoppers here in Pennsylvania, sometimes pulling out all the stops to win over skeptics and reserved buyers. It’s time to take a deep-dive look into some of the best features that the 2021 Chevy models have to offer. After you have seen what the…

Raceway Chevy: Reliable and Customer Oriented in PA

November 13th, 2020 by
A blue 2021 Chevy Suburban is parked in front of a modern home.

Chevrolet is a household name for good reason – this iconic American auto manufacturer has been building rugged and affordable vehicles for over 100 years. Models like the Suburban, Silverado, and Corvette dominate their segments of the automobile market and are well-known to even the most casual car owners. To experience what sets the bowtie…


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